Artboard 1 copy 7300dpiArtboard 1 copy 7300dpi

Effenaar's annual sweater (2017 edition)

Music venue De Effenaar asked us (again) to design the 2017 edition of their annual crewneck merchandise. This crewneck is a yearly thank-you gift to employees and volunteers, designed by a recognized designstudio in the surroundings of Eindhoven. This time we focussed on a 'neo-eighties' kinda vibe. Inspired by the work of 80's designers in the music business like Peter Saville or Malcom Garrett, mixed with a little Escher and iconic 80's movie Tron. 

We designed an abstract Effenaar shaped grid that's the base of the artwork. The red and blue shape visualize the external stairways that are present at the iconic building of the Effenaar.

To enhance the future of the Effenaar, and in contrast to the artwork, we decided it had to have an augmented reality layer to it. This is currently a work in progress and is soon to be released in the Effenaar Smart Venue app.


Category: Clothing, illustration, typography
Client: Effenaar