Atelier van Asseldonk

Craftsmanship and functional design triumph in products of Atelier van Asseldonk. Aart van Asseldonk is a modern craftsman who melts his unique view on design perfectly together with developing high quality products. In the design you’ll always find a subtle hint to past times, where function was more important than shape.

We were asked to design their new website in a clean looking, magazine-ish with an international focus. We came up with this minimalistic, fully responsive website which it's main focus on showing projects and work the best way possible. We didn't want it to become dull, so we designed an variable algoritmic back-end that adjusts with every page or project and combined it with a fully animated user experience.


Category: Webdesign
Client: Atelier van Asseldonk
Website: www.aartvanasseldonk.com