TURBOTURBOTURBO was founded by Daan Meulendijks in 2014. Meulendijks rejects conventional, straight-forward ideas within the domain of (graphic) design – and society. Inspired by activism, protest and the need for self-expression, his no-nonsense typographic based approach results in clear visual messages that comes in many different shapes and forms.

Born in 1988, Daan Meulendijks, graduated in 2014 from the department of (Bdes) Graphic Design at AKV|St.Joost, Breda (NL) and started his carreer as an independent Graphic Designer / Art Director / Concept Developer at Eindhoven-based design studio TURBOTURBOTURBO.

Alongside his design work, he is also educator in typography and Crossmedia (Graphic) design at the departement of Design, Media & Technology at SintLucas Creative Community in Eindhoven (NL).


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Graphic design, typography, poster design, print graphics, textile and fashion design, editorials such as books and magazines, webdesign and overall concept & graphic art direction.

I am currently not taking internships because of practical reasons, but if you have a kick-ass portfolio to show it’s never wrong to send it: hello@turboturboturbo.com.

Want to write an article about TURBOTURBOTURBO? Feel free to use images of my work. But please don’t forget to credit properly. An email or call up front would be nice too.


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